Carbohydrates And How A Person Can Reduce Its Daily Intake

In earlier times sugars are believed to be a disaccharide, sucrose, derived of cane sugar or beet root. But now a day, most of the countries are taking sugar as corn syrup which is fructose based. This shifts the sugar from one form to other but the overall consumption remains the same. These are basically carbohydrates which take part in main metabolism of human body. Carbohydrates basically exist in two major forms; one being intrinsic sugar and other is free sugar. Intrinsic carbohydrates is the sugar which is packed inside fruits, vegetables, milk and other grain and cereals and such sugar intake has not have any health hazards. But free carbohydrates are the sugars added by manufacturer in different food items either as sweetener or as preservative, or the sugar present in syrups, honey, etc.


Carbohydrates ingestion may be optimized reported by Institute of Medicine to be as high as 25 % of total calories requirement. But this high amount should be of intrinsic carbohydrates and not of free carbohydrates. These free carbohydrates increase the positive energy level in the body and can be cause of many of the health issues like chronic heart diseases, diabetes type 2, obesity, etc. They not only increase energy density but also limit appetite. This reduces the food intake as compared to the equivalent energy received from free carbohydrates diet. This also reduce the weight more than the normal level of body BMI, either people then want to replace the diet with other beneficial carbohydrates.

Methods to reduce Carbohydrates uptake:
Statistics and different surveys show that on average a man take more than 152 pounds of carbohydrates annually. This level is rising every year and tremendously contributing to the human health issues. So one should incise daily carbohydrate usage which could be done by variety of ways. Some of the ways which are easy to imply are:Drink lots of water:
It is advisable that one should drink 8 glass of water daily. This not only reduces the daily carbohydrate intake but also remove toxins from the body by excessive urination. This water usage is recommended in normal circumstances too as drinking lots of water decrease dehydration and makes the excretion of wastes through perspiration.Increase protein intake:
Carbohydrates are the major source of metabolism in the body and contribute to obesity. Protein on the other hand balances the blood glucose level so take diet which has twice the protein as compared to carbohydrates. This also helps balance the carbohydrate utilization for energy production in body.

Reduce food high in saturated fat in addition to sugars:

Saturated Fats
There are certain reports which conclude that the diet having saturated fatty acid in conjunction to carbohydrates have synergistic effect on the body and this ultimately can be cause of a lot of health effects.Reduce salt in diet:
Reduction in salt also helps improve incising the carbohydrate intake. This is so because salts have ions in them which act as co factors and co enzymes for carbohydrate metabolism. Reduction in mineral source of body will reduce metabolism of sugars and so help reduce the utilization of carbohydrates for energy production.Increasing the use of fresh fruits:
Fresh fruits and vegetables are source of carbohydrates but they have intrinsic carbohydrates in them instead of free sugars. These intrinsic carbohydrates do not add up in the body mass but give energy for necessary metabolism of vital body organs.Taking exercise:
Daily exercise also reduces the sugar deposition in body as metabolism of body is increased in strenuous exercise. This metabolizes the sugar completely and don’t let it to add up in body weight. This exercise is done in routine daily, else it can have negative impact on body and health.

High physical activity:

Healthy Physical Activity
High physical activities like outdoor games, physical work or workout in gym can help reduce the carbohydrates deposition in the body. This also increases the metabolism of body and helps them to become essentially used in body’s vital organs proper functioning.

Avoid sugary snacks:
Snacks and cookies are synthetically manufactured and manufacturer adds available synthetic sugars in them. These sugars are usually free carbohydrates which add up to the body weight. Moreover these cookies and snacks have chocolate chips in them. These chocolate chips act as additional factor for obesity and other health issues.Avoid soft drinks:
Soft drinks have synthetic carbohydrates in them. These carbohydrates are added as sweeteners and preservatives. Moreover soft drinks also have certain gases which make the metabolism of these synthetic carbohydrates nearly impossible. So avoiding soft drinks can help reduce carbohydrate intake.

Have an eye on your diet:
One should keep looking his/her diet. One’s diet should be balanced with all major and minor but essential nutrients in. neither it would be over done with nutrients nor it has decreased nutrients level.Avoid or decrease desserts intake:
Deserts powders have sweeteners in its packing as manufacturer added to make the desert sweeter and more taste attracting for the consumer. Avoiding them would help one to cut daily sugar intake as most people are habited of taking deserts after every meal or once a day. One with normal metabolism could take them but check should be there while eating it.Avoid use of flavored lip balms:
Flavored lip balms are produced by adding sugar in them. These are usually corn syrups with artificial food flavors. The corn syrup is by product of corn processing and have high amount of carbohydrates. When these lip balm are applied on lips, due to flavoring, one develops a habit of tasting it when applied. This goes to body’s metabolism and additionally contributes to carbohydrates deposition. So one should avoid them.

Have check on raw sugar intake and switch to low calorie sugar:

Raw Sugar
People usually use the sugar as it is in tea, coffee and other drinks. The sugar used is sucrose but it has some additional substances too which adds up to the daily calories requirement instead of smoothing it. So one may reduce the use of raw sugar and can switch to low calories sugar to avoid calories addition to the metabolism.