Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

When people want to lose weight, there are lots of ways that they can do. They may be engaged in dieting program, doing strenuous exercises, or consume dieting supplements that are said to be helpful. Among the various dieting supplements available today is the green coffee bean extract. This extract is gaining new popularity because it is claimed not only to help people lose weight, but it can also deliver great health results. When people consume the extract, they can stay healthy and get the ideal body figure simultaneously.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

The green coffee beans- or also known as the coffea Arabica – has been used for centuries as foods. The tribes in East Africa used the coffee beans for foods by grinding them with berries and then mixing them with the animal fat so the final result will be in paste form. Later on, the Ethiopians started to make wine from the combination of coffee beans and berries. It happened around 1,000 A.D. The coffee beans are also growing in the Arabian Peninsula and people started to consume it as the hot beverage, whose practice still happening up to now. The green coffee beans extract are made after the green coffee beans are roasted. To get the extracts, people have to do the extraction process involving 70% ethanol within 2 hours periods done on 70° C environment. The result of the extraction should be yellowish dark brown substance that is rich in hydroxycinnamic acids. These acids are considered responsible as the anti-oxidant benefit, anti-inflammatory, hipotensive, and also anti-obesity advantage.

This green coffee bean extract is believed to have loads of medical and health benefits. The basic benefits people can enjoy from consuming this extract are:
- It can prevent early aging. This coffee is rich in chlorogenic acids which are strong antioxidants that can help the body getting rid of the free radicals and also dangerous toxins and pollutants. When the body is full of free radicals, they can damage the cell membranes and they can produce aging symptoms. By removing the free radicals from the body, the body will remain intact and aging process can actually be slowed down. Based on medical tests, the extract can improve the absorbent functionality of the oxygen so the body can stay healthy and young.
- It can help reducing the blood pressure. Again, the chlorogenic acids are responsible for lowering down the blood pressure. On the researches done to people with hypertension issues, their blood pressure level shows significant improvement after they consume the extract. When administered within the safe dosage of 185 milligrams, the extract is believed to treat hypertension issue quite effectively.
- It can help losing weight. The extract contain the so called chlorogenic acids and also caffeine that when are combined together can produce great result in helping people lose weight. The caffeine can help releasing the fatty acid right from the body fat deposit, and the chlorogenic acids will help the liver in processing the fatty acid so the body can process the entire metabolism greatly. Consuming the extract within 14 days is proven to suppress the body weight up to 35%.
- It can improve metabolism. The extract can help absorbing the glucose more efficiently and effectively. Since the extract doesn’t have the cafestol – which can produce negative effects like the LDL – it is good to really boost the metabolic rate and system.

Based on the last two benefits, it is no wonder that the green coffee bean extract is believed to help people with weight issue. The additional perk is that they can shed off extra pounds and remain healthy at the same time. The extract is also been produced into various dieting supplements that are claimed to help the weight loss processing. However, people should also be careful when they want to consume the extract, especially pregnant moms or women who are still breastfeeding their babies. Children, people with liver and kidney issues should also consult their doctors when they want to consume the extract. So far, there are no complaints or side effects about the extract, but it doesn’t mean that people should let their guards down. Be sure to get thorough and detailed information about the coffee extract before people start to decide which supplement to consume.