Healthy Desserts For Raspberry Ketone Diet

It must be really hard for one who has a sweet tooth to resist grand desserts and sweets like cakes and puddings. However, when one is struck by obesity, one has to embark on a strict diet regime. Thus, one may be thinking of leaving those rich and grand desserts for once and for all. However, there are some ideas for making desserts which will be suitable even for weight loss programs and campaigns. Here is a list of the some of the healthiest recipes for desserts that will not do you any harm. Let’s have a look at the healthy desserts and sweets.

1- Lemon Mousse With Strawberries

Lemon Mousse With Strawberries
Mousse is a dessert that is inevitably associated with milk, yogurt and chocolate or fruits like lemons and berries. While the standard lemon and chocolate mousse are rich delicacies, the lemon mousse made of fat-free yogurt makes for a healthy dessert. There are many places from where one can buy the nutritious and healthy fat-free yogurt and cream and make up a delicious mousse. Add to that some nutritious and luscious berries like strawberries or other fruits. What you get is a really healthy sweet to satiate your sweet tooth without gaining any fat or calories.

2- Almond Meringues

Almond Meringues

Considering meringues to be healthy might sound downright ridiculous. Fortunately, almond meringue is actually quite a healthy snack. You can use egg whites instead of egg yolks to cook the meringues. You can pack it with the fat-free yogurt and skimmed milk cream. Thus, you can end up making a meringue that tastes great while being quite healthy and nutritious. The almonds can be used for topping up the meringues and they will make the meringues even more healthy. Thus, do not resist from making some meringues as they are really quite healthy and nutritious.

3- Fruit Sorbet

Fruit Sorbet

You may be in love with ice cream. However, while they are tasty, they are quite damaging, as they are full of fats. The sorbets are possibly the most tasty and healthiest sweet drink for people. It is actually quite easy to make the sorbet from fresh fruits. You can end up mixing some fresh fruit juice and some lemon juice. Then, you can throw in some lemon juice and the resulting blend will taste really good. With all the essential nutrients and vitamins of fruits, you can enjoy the sorbets and have a dose of good health and taste as well.

4- Peaches Stuffed With Almonds

Peaches Stuffed With Almonds

There is nothing healthier and more nutritious than a nice and smart sweet made of fruits and dry fruits. And stuffed peaches make for a really unique and healthy dessert. It is quite easy. Slice a couple of peaches into halves and remove the seeds. Then, in each of the halves, you can sink in chopped almonds, cashew-nuts and other dry fruits as well. This amply makes for a nice and healthy snack. You can also think of garnishing the peaches with fat-free yogurt or even honey. It will taste superb then.

5- Fruit Biscotti

Fruit Biscotti

Biscotti are the Italian biscuits made of dough just as it hardens after baking for some time in the oven. The biscotti usually contain a lot of fats and calories as they are baked with flour and butter. However, a simpler and healthier version of the same biscuits is one that contains fruit. When cooking the dough in the oven, you can think of removing it prematurely and adding some little pieces of fruits in it. Thus, you can make your own fruit biscotti and indulge in it without worrying about your health for even once.

6- Ricotta Fool with Strawberries

Ricotta Fool with Strawberries

Fool is a drink that can be made with orange or some other fruit squash. The fool would usually contain an overdose of healthy fruits like apples, oranges, tangerines and other stuff. These fruits will be healthy as they contain a lot of vitamins. One can add some tasty fat-free yogurt and cream to make the entire drink even tastier. Thus, a fool with strawberries will be a perfect sweet after dinner. At the same time, one can also go ahead with adding some tasty ricotta cheese to the mix. This is because ricotta is generally healthier than normal cheddar cheese.

7- Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies

The almond cookies are not just about having a load full of almonds. They are also about being baked in almond butter. It has been proven that almonds end up being quite healthy and nutritious for the body. However, it has also been proven that almond butter is quite healthy and safe for the human body. Thus, if you cook a number of biscuits in the butter, you can have a nice sweet snack that will last you for a long time. Thus, it would be best if you have a lot of the almond cookies and biscuits.

8- Fruit Crostini

Fruit Crostini

It is not important that you make Crostini that is full of fatty cheese and sugars. You can choose to make a Crostini out of fruits like peaches and apples. All you need to do is to slice the fruits and remove the seeds. Then, you can slip in a slice or layer of delicious low-fat cheese or cream. After that, you can top the halves with cut fruits like diced apples and diced grapes and other fruits as well. You can also add some maple syrup or honey which is even a healthier option to maple syrup.

In each of these delicious dishes, it can be seen that the recipes are the same as making the usual desserts and sweets. However, in such recipes, some new ingredients and healthy alternatives can be effectively used. Thus, in place of the normal milk butter, you can end up using low-fat margarine or even peanut and almond butter. You can also hit upon other alternatives like castor sugar or sucralose which can take the place of the damaging sugar and fats. Thus, if you wish to make nice desserts, you can make them with such things. If you have found this article useful click here to read another one written by our experts team.