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Maria Reid (Thanks a lot for the video testimonial Maria!)

Marry Keathon, lost 13 pounds during her first two weekss:

Marry`s Review For Raspberry Ketones
I used to be really slim during my teenage years, but later on, I gained a lot of extra fat (started living 20 yards from mcdonalds…) and crossed the healthy weight limit. In the beginning, I didn’t care about the excess weight, as I had been happily married and got children, but later on the excess weight started to come into my way of living a happy & healthy life, and that was the point when I got worried. It was the first time in my whole life that I wanted to lose weight, and didn’t have any prior knowledge on how to do it. Then I noticed the media (Dr.Oz) raving about certified raspberry ketone for its weight loss benefits. I made the decision to try this raspberry ketone product, and it was really the best decision I had ever made. I started to lose pounds in a quick fashion (almost 7 in my first week!!), moved back towards the healthy weight limit, and finally reached a balanced BMI. The compound had great results and I recommend it to anyone who faces similar problems (you should give me a discount cause I have brought you at least 7 friends of mine!).

Endrew, from London.
“Hey there, I am writing this to just let other people know that you can trust certified raspberry ketone. It was probably the 8th dieting supplement I ordered online but actually the first one that WORKED and delivered some nice results for my body. So if you are looking for a quality dieting product this is it, I can guarantee you at least 10 lost pounds during your first two weeks cause I saw at least 6 people doing this after my recommendation. I don`t usually write testimonials and I don`t know what should I add here so this is it. P.S I am adding this photo even though I hate to think about the fact that it will be published online but this is the least I can do to express my gratitude to your product. Thanks again. Endrew”

Suzzy, lost 93 pounds during the period of 103 days.
Testimonial From Suzzy
I used to be a chubby girl during my school days, and was considered cute by my parents, uncles, aunts and friends. Class after class, I finally reached college, and things were pretty different there, girls that had any excess baggage on them were considered unattractive, ugly and boring. I became emotionally disturbed, as all my female friends had cute boyfriends, but I couldn’t even get an “average” one, and was often made fun of. The whole condition was disturbing me from the inside, and I really wanted to burn off all excess fats to get a great shape. I decided to join the college athletics team for gaining fitness, but they only chose students who were in an athlete shape, I got rejected because I wasn’t. During this period of intense emotional stress, I got to know of a certified raspberry ketone compound which claimed to burn excess fats from the body. I decided to give it a try, and it really worked, I was able to lose all my excess baggage within a few months. I continued some exercises along it, and got into the flattering, perfect and sexy figure. I am highly impressed from the healthy impact of raspberry ketone compound, and refer it to everyone who wants to get rid of weight fast.

Rose, Chicago (IL)
Before and after from Rose
“During my younger days I used to be a part of the women’s athletics team and was one of the best performers. I was a fitness geek, and worked out really hard in the gym for staying in a perfect shape. I regularly checked my weight and body mass index, but then things changed in a drastic manner. I fell in love with a handsome guy and got married. My life turned out to be beautiful, and I was really happy with the way how things were going. All my attention was drawn towards my hubby, my kids and home tasks; I was not even giving a single minute to myself. Gradually I found that I got fat, and got shocked when I checked my weight, it was 20 pounds over the healthy weight limit. I decided to join the gym again, but was unable to do it because of less time. Then I got to know of raspberry ketone extract, I wasn’t sure of the results, but still gave it a try. Amazingly, I was able to get back into the perfect shape within a few months and without any sort of exercise. It was an amazing experience for me; I could see my BMI get better every week and finally got back into the perfect college girl figure. I am glad that this compound was formed, as it has helped me and will surely help several other women like me.”

Barbara D., from Idaho
“I just loved food ever since I was kid. Sweet dishes were my favorite, and I ate anything that had a good amount of sugar in it. My body shape was the biggest proof of my eating habits. The excess fats were bearable in young age, but as I grew up, things changed a lot. My social life was badly disturbed, as I was disgraced in college, was not able to find a good boy friend and had to face criticism. Finally I said that it’s enough, and started to control my diet, especially my intake of sweet things. My weight started to decrease in a quick manner, and I was glad to see it. After some time, I saw my weight going upwards again, and this time all the increase in weight was due to fats. I did some research and found that I became a Yo-Yo dieter, and got worried even more. Then I used your raspberry ketone compound, and it worked really well (lost 19 pounds), even though I did not felt any drastic changes during my first few days.”

I was living a happily married life, until I gained lot of excess baggage around my weight, hips and thighs. The increase in weight looked really ugly, and the worst part was that my husband lost interest in my body. He was always figuring out ways to to avoid physical intercourse with me. I was really worried, and then one of my friends advised me to use your raspberry ketones. I started to use the product and felt really good, there was a major change in my weight in just three weeks, and I was stunned. My husband also came close to me and found me really attractive AGAIN, even more than during our wedding day. I am fully satisfied with product and will keep on using it till my weight is perfect for me.

Sarah M., from Alberta
“I was a twenty years old woman when I decided to finally stop eating everything that tastes good and do something about my weight which was getting out of control and making my life terrible. During that time I wanted to join the armed forces, but my bad body shape didn’t allow me to do so. That was the extra motivation for me to lose weight: I started controlling my diet to become fit for selection, but I did not know anything about good and quality dieting so I became a yo-yo dieter (that was so depressing), later I realized that simple diet control just isn’t enough. Then I got to know of raspberry ketone extract (all thanks to Dr.Oz) and started to use it. The results were amazing and within a few weeks of use, I was good enough and got selected. I was able to reach my aims, and I am really thankful to raspberry ketone for helping me and making me happy.”

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